Me-made June – the month so far

With one week until the end of June and the me-made challenge, I thought it would be time to summarise how I’ve done so far (I’ve been repeating some items so have been a bit lazy taking photos and needed to jog my memory).

Today was a fail as I am not well and stayed home in my pjs all day. Only 7 days to go, and I still have all my summer maxi-skirts to wear if the weather ever improves.

I am now a professional sewist!

This week I became a professional sewist! Well, technically I mean I got paid for one of my creations (and not just the cost of materials).

A friend at work and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby next month and were shocked that they couldn’t buy spare linings for the moses basket, so they asked me to see what I could do.

I took their existing cover and traced the pieces (an oval for the base, 4 trapeziums for the ends, and 2 small rectangles and 2 large sqaures for the middle). After hours of traipsing down Goldhawk Road looking for gender-neutral baby prints, I decided on some cute strawberry fabric and matching red bias-binding. I sewed all the side pieces together, added the base, and finished it by sewing bias binding around the top edge and threading elastic through it, taking about 2 hours to construct.

They were both really happy with it, and I think it is probably the most successful self-drafted challenge I have done. Unfortunately, I don’t think my skills are up to making the canopy as well!

Me Made June 2011

One of the reasons I decided to start my own blog was seeing the Me Made June challenge on So Zo… What Do you know?

The challenge is to wear handmade items every day in June. I sorted my wardrobe and counted (at the time) about 20 different items and thought it would be something I could just about manage. What I forgot to factor in was the great British weather – my me-made items include lots of summer dresses which are obviously not suitable for a British summer! So the past couple of weekends I have been panic-sewing some warmer clothes that I can wear in the gloomy rain this month (although today’s make is actually rather summery!)

I found this dress in Oxfam for the bargain sum of £4.99 (£40 less than the sale price!) and was debating what to do with it – I considered a skirt, but then decided I could use a denim dress. The sleeves were a bit tight so I took the binding off and removed the gathers, and stitched it back up. This didn’t seem like enough of a refashion so I decided to go crazy and change the buttons (I also moved the position slightly so there is a teeny bit of extra room when I sit down).

The dress was originally from Bravissimo, and comes in different sizes depending on how curvy you are – this was in my normal top size, but if I was buying directly from Bravissimo I would go down a dress size and up a curvy-size to get a better fit. Saying that, it isn’t too bad for ready-to-wear for under a fiver!

I also made good use of the little scraps of binding (nothing wasted with me!) – See what I did in a tutorial to follow soon!


Hello and welcome to my first blog!

I have been following a few blogs this year and thought it was time I created one so I don’t miss out on all the excitement.

My name is Alison and I love all things crafty. Here I will be letting people know all about the different crafty things I get up to – sewing, knitting, crochet, baking, papercrafts, and many more – and most likely lots of random musings about weird and wonderful things.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!