I am now a professional sewist!

This week I became a professional sewist! Well, technically I mean I got paid for one of my creations (and not just the cost of materials).

A friend at work and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby next month and were shocked that they couldn’t buy spare linings for the moses basket, so they asked me to see what I could do.

I took their existing cover and traced the pieces (an oval for the base, 4 trapeziums for the ends, and 2 small rectangles and 2 large sqaures for the middle). After hours of traipsing down Goldhawk Road looking for gender-neutral baby prints, I decided on some cute strawberry fabric and matching red bias-binding. I sewed all the side pieces together, added the base, and finished it by sewing bias binding around the top edge and threading elastic through it, taking about 2 hours to construct.

They were both really happy with it, and I think it is probably the most successful self-drafted challenge I have done. Unfortunately, I don’t think my skills are up to making the canopy as well!

One thought on “I am now a professional sewist!

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