June 30th 2011 – the end of Me-Made-June and a rather special day [part2]

[Warning: this post has nothing to do with sewing or crafting, but does have some rather lovely pictures of rather lovely people!]

So I had my banner ready, the day of queuing was worthwhile and we had a barrier spot. All we had to do was wait for the show to begin.

First it was Take That as a four, starting the show with Rule The World, Greatest Day…

Jason Orange

Jason Orange again

Gary Barlow

…Hold Up A Light…

Mark Owen

Mark Owen during Hold Up A Light

Hold Up A Light

Hold Up A Light

…Patience, and then an Alice in Wonderland themed Shine.

Howard Donald

Then they met up with Robbie on the video screen for a little Beatles inspired number, before the white rabbit turned into Robbie and abseiled down the stage.

Reunited on the screen - TT version of Sgt Pepper

The crowd went crazy as Robbie sang Let Me Entertain You, Rock DJ and Come Undone. He then hovered over the audience as he sang “Come and hold my hand…”  (Feel) while meeting the audience, before finishing with a moving version of Angels.

Robbie Williams

And then it was time for the big moment. Above dancers abseiling in a waterfall, all five boys sang The Flood. I did a quick teacher head-count to check they were all there! Yup, all present and looking happy to be there together.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5! The Flood

Then they sang SOS, Underground Machine and Kidz, moving towards the b-stage for the amazing dance-off between Jason and Howard.

Preparing for the dance-off between Howard and Jason (during Kidz)

They finished the section with Pretty Things, while sat on the hands of Om the robot.

Sitting on Om the robot during Pretty Things

Then it was time to revisit the past with the classic hits – some audience singing of Take That and Party and Do What You Like (with boyband running-man dancing) and a medley of Million Love Songs, Babe and Everything Changes on the piano. Of course they sang Back For Good and Pray with the original dance routine. They followed that with Love Love and Om carried them back to the b-stage.

It was a spectacular show, a great atmosphere. I couldn’t believe we were so close to the stage. I even got to see the show’s director, Kim Gavin, in the sound booth and wandering around the stage checking everything was going to plan – yes, I have watched my DVDs so many times that I recognised him instantly. Stupidly, despite taking 3 sets of batteries, they weren’t fully charged and my camera ran out of power just as they were returning to the b-stage. I checked before I left and put a set on charge (that set is now in the bin), but luckily I still had my phone, although the quality is nowhere near as good as my lovely camera.

Then the show was nearly over, with a bit of Never Forget. Kim and the dancers jumped up on the barrier near us to join in with the clapping and arms in the air. They sang Robbie’s No Regrets altogether, before bursting into Relight My Fire. Then after thanking the band, dancers and crew it was time for the final song, Eight Letters, at which point the boys stepped down from the b-stage and came to thank the audience. As we had been advised by one of the sound guys when we arrived, we were on the best side of the stage. First came Gary, walking down and shaking hands. A metre away from me he starting singing “..and this is all that matters now…” but I was too excited to notice, as he came up and I grabbed his hand and held it as tightly as I could.

THE best moment of the night

Next came Robbie. Having already done his share of audience interaction during his solo set, he came past a bit quicker, but I still managed to shake his hand.

Then, after a long wait, Mark finally showed up, covered in gifts from the fans (hats, flowers, etc). The people next to me gave him a Japanese gift, he bowed to thank them and turned to hold my hand, before continuing back to the main stage.

My legs were shaking so much I had to hold the barrier to steady myself, and forgot to turn my video off! I just stood there in complete elated shock, not really noticing what else was happening, until they were all on stage saying good night. Due to the excitement of standing at the front I missed quite a bit of what was happening elsewhere, but I got a better view of the main stage the very next night!

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