Me-Made-June – the end of the month

June is over and so I have come to the end of my Me-Made-June challenge.

I was initially not sure if I could manage a whole month in home-made but I have managed it and have worn something home-made for 29 days (1 day of staying in bed in my pjs). This was a total of 22 homemade items including accessories and bags. There are still some handmade items that did not get worn this month (heavy winter clothes and super-summery clothes) due to the weird weather we had, and some items that got quite a few appearances (hello new favourite stripey top!)

I had really wanted to end the month with a bang, wearing head-to-toe homemade, but I had other more important matters to think about when dressing on Thursday… What could possibly be more important than sewing?! …Find out soon!


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