Super-cool cross-stitch

I saw this post on the Guardian’s craft section a few weeks ago and was really impressed I held up my phone to the screen and the photos of the cross-stitch actually worked! Go on, try it…

After a month or so of solid machining, I felt like I needed a watch-tv-and-craft project to do, and so was inspired to do some cross-stitch.

I created a QR code using a website I googled, and then edited the size of it to make the grid using instructions I found here. Sewing was nice and easy, using just one colour, but needs frequent checking to make sure it is right – don’t want a mistake and the code to not work properly! (I wrote this post at the beginning of the month, but due to technical problems I had to change the pattern and re-do a section of the design for it to work…)

I love that this project combined geeky ICT, sewing and my other passion that is revealed if you scan the code. I am working on another, more colourful cross-stitch on a different geeky theme, which will be a gift for someone (I wonder if they will be able to work out what it is…)


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