Cute as a button

Today’s post was going to be all about trousers – I went to the first sewing group arranged by some lovely people on The Sewing Forum and got lots of help with fitting the tissue pattern for my first ever pair of trousers, and was all ready to try them out in calico (or whatever it was I got in IKEA) when I may or may not have accidently sent my button box flying, scattering the contents everywhere. Ooops! However the upside is that I have an excuse to write about buttons!

My lovely button tin came from one of my favourite shops, Paperchase. I saw it in a magazine and it took me months to track down. Here is a very little selection of some of the interesting things hiding away in my tin.

Interesting shaped buttons

Teeny tiny buttons

These tiny pink polka-dot buttons were a gift. At first I thought they were too cute to use, but after months of gazing at them I used them to add detail to a top.

Buckles and novelty buttons

My button collection has grown a lot over the past couple of years as I have acquired items from my Grandmas’ and Great Aunts’ stashes. I’m sure the buckles came from one of them, but am wondering where they got it from.

Nautical buttons

My Grandma’s button collection had a full set of gold anchor buttons (I visions of them being saved from a cardigan) and I am really puzzling what to do with them. I love wearing red and navy polka-dots and stripes, but have never been more nautical than that.

Shiny and sparkly!

Still more in the tin...

That is just the tip of the iceberg! I can only just close the box so I think maybe it is time to start using them. Any ideas to show them off?

p.s. I have had to put tiny pictures up as they were taken on my phone (okay quality but no macro mode) as my lovely camera has died 😦 It is only taking black photos, though luckily all my photos are safe and backed up. Hopefully in a couple of weeks after my birthday I will be all sorted.


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