A new camera means two things…

… time to sew a camera bag and test out the camera with some blog photos!

My trusty camera broke a couple of weeks ago (the sensor or something has died so it only takes black photos) and yesterday I got a replacement, courtesy of my dad’s pile of reject cameras. His rejects are still pretty good, so I am now the owner of a new (to me) Canon SLR EOS 20D. And what does a new camera need? A nice hand-sewn bag to carry it in. And what better way to test out how it works, than by taking some photos to make a tutorial… (sadly the pictures of the camera in the case had to be taken on my phone)

Finished camera bag

Camera in finished camera bag

Click through the slideshow to see how I made my bag

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I changed the pattern as I was going along, but hopefully you can get an idea of how to draft your own camera bag pattern.

I forgot to take photos of how to make the straps and tabs, but there are plenty of tutorials online. If you use heavy interfacing and furnishing fabric, don’t try and turn a tube inside out – trust me, it doesn’t work!


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