Home is where the craft is

I recently moved house so things have been a bit quiet on the blogging/sewing front while life got in the way, but, with only two and a half boxes left to unpack I decided it was time for some crafting 🙂

I bought a second-hand sofa for my new living room that is a lovely burgundy-pinky colour, almost the same colour as some cushions I made from a felted jumper years ago. Notice the word almost – time to make some new cushion covers!

Cushion no.1 - patchwork

Cushion no 1 - buttons on the back

Cushion no 2 - crochet in progress

I really like making things in black and white, maybe with a pop of colour, as I like how it makes patterns and shapes stand out more. Sometimes with really colourful things I find it hard to see the different elements that are used, so I like the simplicity of monochrome.

I also covered some noticeboards to put up around my flat, but no sewing was involved, just miles of double-sided sticky tape!

Kitchen noticeboard

Knowing that The Sewing Forum would be meeting up soon, I knew I had to get a move on with my trousers… After lots of careful measuring, cutting, fitting and sewing I have just got the hems to do now.


I made these so carefully, I even learned how to insert an invisible zip! It was so much easier than I thought it would be, I can’t believe I have been so wary of them.

My first ever invisible zip!

And finally, a bit of baking to use up some very ripe bananas…

Banana fudge cookies


3 thoughts on “Home is where the craft is

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