Back-to-school blues and the start of Self-Stitched-Septmember

September is here, summer is over (despite the sudden 2 days of sunshine) and it is back to school tomorrow. So obviously I decided to spend the weekend sewing before work begins (I was planning to do some work today, but my brain is still in holiday mode).

On Thursday I rustled up a kimono t-shirt using up this graphic floral print I got at St Albans market – it was the end of a roll so, while being a bargain, I had to cut two pattern pieces and add a shoulder seam.

SSS 11 - Day 1

Since lots of the items I will be wearing for Self-Stitched-September have already been featured as part of Me-Made-June, for the moment I am only going to post pictures of the new items I am wearing. This is of course not because I can’t work out a good spot for self-portraits in my new flat! Friday was a surprisingly hot day, so I wore my blue floral sundress, and then on Saturday I wore my blue maxi-skirt.

On Saturday I decided I needed some fabric, so I can rustle up a few more things for September, and thought I would explore some shops I’ve not been to before. Since I am now on the Victoria line, I decided to visit Walthamstow market, after reading all about it in Karen’s guide. The market was huge and there were some great little sewing shops and stalls selling almost everything you could want (although I didn’t see many good knits).

I came away with metres and metres of fabric (floral, leopard print, starry and white polycottons, teal jersey and black wool-poly blend), elastic and a zip, after turning down the chance of 20 zips for 50p because they didn’t have any black in that basket. I’m not sure how great the quality will be, but after sewing my expensive trousers I was ready to make something stress-free!

First up, I made the free Sorbetto top from Colette patterns that a lot of people have blogged about. The pattern was quick and easy to put together, so I spent more time making bias-binding than sewing the whole top. I did need to make a FBA, took the pleat out as my 1m of fabric wasn’t quite enough and added some sleeves. The top was too short for me, so I added a trim around the hem, and popped a couple of buttons where the pleat should be – now I have the pattern sorted, I think I will rustle up a couple more to wear under cardigans to work.

SSS 11 - Day 4

SSS 11 - Day 4

And finally some leopard print pyjama bottoms!

Pjs in the making...

A while ago I unpicked some well-loved spotty pyjamas and used it as a pattern for making some new ones. With only three seams to do, they are quick to make, you don’t need to worry too much about getting the perfect fit, and a good opportunity to use exciting fabric you might not normally wear!


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