Family recipes

I spent today with my family sorting through some old family possessions, and came home with some exciting finds. First there were some velvet boxes filled with pearls and currently unidentified sparkly things in need of resizing (unless the little-finger ring is in fashion)

Next I filled a bag with things that will make my colleagues green with envy – Blutack and Pritt sticks, also know as gold dust at school – and lots of other stationery for the kids in my class to mark-make all over.

And finally I got a few cookery books. You might remember my gingerbread penguins were one of my favourite recipes, copied from an old recipe book, and I am now the proud owner of my own copy.I also picked up The Radiation Cookery Book “for use with the Regulo New World Gas Cookers.” It was first published in 1927 (this is the positively modern 1949 edition) and has sections for Invalid Cookery and Breakfast Dishes, “including instructions for cooking breakfasts in the oven.” My dad was excited to get a copy some years ago, as it has the famous Christmas Pudding with Guinness recipe (I’m not a Christmas Pudding fan, but apparently it is great). Despite the scary title and some of the dated recipes and ingredients (stewed kidneys and Thimble Mill pudding) I think it will be good reading, although time will tell how many dishes I will get around to cooking.Something I am definitely planning to make, is something from my Grandma’s recipe folder. As much as I love the internet and the ability to google ingredients, it was really nice to sit and flip through the pages of the folder and wonder who gave her the different recipes. There are some written on postcards, some written on scraps of paper and some torn from magazines. I am going to have a go at making and reviewing the recipes in the folder – any suggestions as to what the series of blogs should be called?


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