Crafting in the deep dark wood…

My sewing time has been taking up with making a costume for Dress as a Book Character Day at school to mark the end of Reading Week. I’ll have pictures of the final costume tomorrow, but lets just say I am currently trying to attach orange acetate eyes to my glasses and will have purple prickles all over my back…

As part of Reading Week we had some volunteers from city businesses in to tell the children stories. I was pleasantly surprised by the sessions the people from various banks and city companies ran with my class of four year old kiddies. The volunteers told a story or two to a group and then worked with them while they drew or collaged the story (or just whatever they felt like doing!). One company sent us a letter with their write up of the day, commenting on the eye-opener that was our school statistics (free school meals, English as an additional language and special educational needs), how daunted they felt entering the classrooms, and the “abstract” drawings in Reception! However I hope it is okay to quote my favourite observation (thanks James or Faith):

It also gives you a whole new perspective on what kind of courage and persistence it takes to be a primary school teacher and take control of classes of thirty children day in, day out for a lot less money than we earn in our business…

Anyway, after highlighting how tough my job can be especially when there are a million bugs going around, stealing all your energy (I was told there are 200+ variations of the common cold), back to crafting!

I had a bit of a revelation the other week when I realised that the first real craft I ever got into was knitting, but there are no knitted me-mades in my wardrobe. So I dusted off my crochet hooks and knitting needles and got to work on a snood (a scarf without the dangly ends to get in the way at school). I forgot the best thing about knitting and crochet is that if something goes wrong, you can unravel and start again, unlike the permanent damage of cutting into pretty fabric.

I started crocheting but something wasn’t working. After seeing Karen’s Sensational Snood I realised that the crochet just didn’t drape in the way I wanted, so it was time to swap crochet hooks for knitting needles. After resisting the most amazing shade of pink wool in John Lewis (approx snood cost £50+) I popped into I Knit near Waterloo. I arrived as the knitting group was getting underway, but the staff were happy to advise on how much chunky wool I would need for my snood.

mmm... cherry

The photo doesn’t do justice to the lovely colour of this yarn – it is mostly a deep cherry, with splashes of light fuscia and dark raspberry due to the hand dyed process. So far it is kntting up well and I had forgotten how therapeutic knitting stocking stitch is. Hopefully I’ll get a good chunk/all of it done on the train this weekend (roll on half-term!!)

p.s. I have joined Tilly’s Crafty Christmas Club as it is time to start thinking about makes for gifts. If you think you might be getting a gift from me, please don’t look!

p.p.s. This week’s bake: Pacman marble cake for an 80s themed birthday (and no, I am not uploading the photos of my fancy dress including a crimped fringe!)

Pacman cake!


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