With the clocks going back this weekend and the weird warm autumn weather gone, I spent lots of the week preparing for winter. Winter hat knitted – check. Christmas present ideas learned – check. Christmas shopping (for crafty resources) started – check. And warm wool trousers sewn – check.

I rustled up a pair of wool winter trousers this week. When I say “rustled up”, thanks to all the work I did on my master pattern over the summer (didn’t actually blog about the making, but you can see them here and here) I was able to pick up my pattern pieces, cut them out and sew them up without needing to spend time on fitting issues. Trivia fact: it takes longer for a parcel delivery van to travel 1 mile in London than it does to sew a pair of trousers.

I say there were no fitting issues, but there was a slight problem when I tried them on. Pure wool can be itchy! I picked up some lining and added the invisible zip (I still can’t believe I avoided them for so long, as I am finding them so much easier than regular zips).

I am really pleased how the lining and zipper turned out (love the polka dot waistband 😀 and look how well it is lined up), I may have to wear the trousers inside-out to show them off!


3 thoughts on “ZIP-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

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