Another little crafty resolution 2012

So it is new year and everyone is reflecting on their crafty year and making resolutions for the next twelve months. Last year I have done a lot of crafting, I started this blog and learned lots of new techniques (cable and lace knitting, invisible zips, trousers) but there is still a lot that I can still learn to do (fit the perfect skirt, sew formal fancy clothes, maybe knit a cardigan…).

Pjs in the making...

However that wont be my crafty new year’s resolution. Instead of planning to do something I would be doing anyway (a few weddings this year need dress(es) made) or something I will never do, I thought I would set myself a project to last the year. Yup, something to last a whole year! Considering the past few months have been filled with weekly projects (knitting a new present every week) or even daily sewing (simple classic patterns) I am going to try and slow down some of my crafting to, hopefully, create a long-lasting memento of the year.

I really love some of the speedy tops I have rustled up this year but I know they wont last forever, and I am also really proud of the first pair of trousers I spent weeks making but cashmere isn’t practical for primary school. What is the balance between the two? Something with lots of quick to make components, that together make something amazing – each little bit will give me a bit of instant gratification and be quick and stress-free to make, but the whole will create something a bit more special and long-lasting.

So here it is – my little crafty resolution for 2012 is to make a blanket! I was thinking about knitting or crocheting a square a day (too much pressure) or making a square a week (not enough for a big blanket) so after some maths I have decided to make 10 squares a month (for a 10×12 blanket) or 2.5 squares a week. Hopefully this will be enough of a challenge, but also managable.

I am planning to make some traditional crocheted granny squares, knit some different textures and patterns, learn some new stitches and techniques, and maybe sew or patchwork some pieces too. As much as possible all the yarn will come from my growing stash and be a reminder of other knitting I have done, starting with left overs from Christmas, and will probably feature a few buttons from my collection. I hope that there is a bit of a story behind each square, and I shall document their stories and my progress (when I can work out how to make a special button on here!)


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