Can I borrow a peacock feather for a minute?

I was awake early today so thought I would pop out for a bit of retail therapy.

I went to Goldhawk Road with a few projects in mind – animal print for zoo-inspired clothing, and cotton to make a wearable muslin of a dress I’m making for my brother’s wedding. Sadly I didn’t see any cotton prints that caught my eye, but the remnant bin at A One Fabrics was overflowing…

I impulse bought just under a metre of pink, purple and blue swirly, silky fabric (a sorbetto perhaps?), just under a metre of purple knit (for a little cardigan or shrug), almost 2m of black jersey (you can always use black jersey) and two and a half metres of tiger-print polycotton (for a top secret project…). I also got the black and white leopard print jersey that was actually on my list.

Next on my to-buy list was some trimmings and haberdashery. Next month will be busy for sewing as I have an outfit to make for my brother’s wedding. He is getting married in a zoo so I wanted to make something with an animal reference. Leopard print didn’t seem sophisticated enough, snake skin is not me, and anything fluffy would look weird so I decided to take my inspiration from the peacock.

I am awaiting an ebay order of various peacock feathers to make a hair clip, but luckily when I saw a pile of guterman beads the man in the shop let me borrow his from the display to check the colours in the feather.

I picked up a few tubes of beads (in the clearance bin) in a range of turquoises, blues and greens, some beading needles, and “Caribbean” coloured felt. I couldn’t find any hair clip backs, so I grabbed a hair-slide in the sales that I can rip apart. Now I just need to wait for my feathers to arrive so I can get started.


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