Crochet club

A colleague at work got a lovely crochet book and asked me to help her get started (inspiring my Crafty Resolution). Word spread around the staffroom and a few more people wanted to learn, so after work on Friday we took over a table in the pub. There were so many people, I didn’t have enough hooks to go around!

Crochet club in the pub

The lovely Miss C spent all of last week practicing (and visiting John Lewis and Hobbycraft to stock up on supplies) and I am very proud of her – very neat, even stitches. She came prepared to learn more last night, even bringing a mini lamp as the ambient lighting in the pub was not suitable for crochet. I’m hoping the kids in my club at school are as quick at learning!

The work of Miss C


Among all the teaching I have managed to make just a few squares for my Crafty Resolution (and maybe picked up a few balls of yarn in the sales…)

I have now made 11 squares which is 1 over my 10-a-month target but next month will be full of sewing (details to follow soon) so it should balance out.


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