Stitches and sutures

Urgh! Not another cold/sore throat/cough/flu! Luckily there is a slight silver-lining – a day off work and 5 hours a night awake sat on the sofa means I have plenty of time for hand sewing. This means a lot of progress on my dress (expect a final round-up tomorrow!) and finally giving a special someone some much needed medical attention.

***WARNING*** The rest of this post contains gruesome medical details that some readers may find unsettling***

Due to the effects of old age, Percival the penguin has been in need of some reverse-liposuction for a year or so, but due to waiting lists on the NHS he has had quite a long wait for treatment.


But yesterday the wait was over. After a small dose of anaesthetic, a small incision was made on his back and medical-grade implants were inserted to his head, body and neck, before the opening was sewn shut. To aid his recovery, Percival then received a short course of deep-tissue massage therapy, which has been proven to reduce the risk of rejection of the implants.


He seems to be recovering well, and now needs to wait for his stitches to heal before he can have a sponge bath (a camera phone flash seems to do wonders for his complexion).


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