Spring has sprung

Spring is here and so are the holidays!

I’m planning to do a bit of sewing over the next few weeks and have planned a few gaps in my wardrobe that need to be sewn ready for spring and summer.

Sewing plans

  1. First on the list is making another V8560. In the new year I picked up some navy and white polka dot cotton which I have been itching to make into a summer skirt. I am going to attempt some piping along the horizontal seams. I have made this a couple of times already and settled on somewhere between view B and C to get the correct length.

    Vogue full skirt

  2. Next up is a shirt-dress. Every summer I see them in the shops and think what easy summer dressing they would be, but they always look weird on me. I saw this pattern free with Sew magazine and thought view C would be worth a try as it is more fitted than the usual shirt dresses in shops, and should be easier to add FBA and accurate positioning of the waistline. If it works I can see myself rustling up a few of these, starting with

    Lisette Traveler - View C

  3. Recently my favourite jeans have worn away at the seams, and I thought that instead of buying a new pair I should try and sew some! I haven’t decided on a pattern, but am wondering whether I can adjust the trouser pattern I fitted last year…
  4. I normally wear knit tops but last year decided to make the blogger’s favourite Sorbetto top from Colette patterns. I made a couple, making adjustments on each, and they fit but don’t feel right. Maybe it is because I am not used to wearing woven tops, but I want to get it right so I can make some tops using all the lovely printed cottons I keep seeing (especially if they include cute animal or flying-bird silhouettes)
  5. A spring-summer jacket. There was one in the March issue of Burda style that looks promising. I think I need to get some more fabric to make a muslin.
  6. Finally my staple wardrobe outfit – more modifications variations of my basic t-shirt pattern. I’m not sure how much modifying needs to be done to a pattern before it becomes self-drafted, but my favourite quick sew is a combination of Burda’s Lydia and Sadie tops, with some tweaks to fit me. I have been exploring ways of jazzing up the pattern (Peter Pan collar, pussy bow tie neckline, contrast hem and cuffs…) but I think there are still more adaptations that could be made.

    Burda Lydia-Sadie pattern mash-up

So those are my immediate spring sewing plans, although there is always room for more inspiration. What are your sewing plans for the summer?

p.s. I also have baking plans for next week, more details to follow next week!







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