Spring cupcakes

Yesterday was a friend’s birthday drinks so I made some cupcakes to give her. Despite the sudden chilly weather, I was feeling inspired by spring and decided to make raspberry and lemon cakes.

Start with a classic sponge recipe – half the mixture had vanilla extract and the other half had lemon rind and juice.

Cut the top off each cake, fill with raspberry jam or lemon curd, and trim the lid so it fits back on the cake.

Cover with buttercream  icing, sprinkles and decorations. If flavouring the icing with lemon juice, rind and then swirling with lemon curd (very highly recommended) remember to add extra icing sugar so it doesn’t get too gooey.

Cut or bite in half to reveal the hidden surprise in the centre.

And eat!

As you can see, the two boxes were appreciated during the evening (did anyone have real food for dinner?!)


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