Miscellaneous musings

I had a couple of posts planned to write this weekend, but I still haven’t learned the lesson of leaving all my school work until the last day of the holidays. So instead of taking photos of my new self-drafted jeans, I spent most of the day sorting out my plans for next term. However there are a few little random musings I have time to share..

Baking – its as easy as 1, 2, 3

It was my cousin’s 30th surprise party on Saturday and I had promised to bring some “manly” biscuits. I always make gingerbread and wanted a change so I googled “biscuit recipe that keeps its shape” (hoorah for the internet!). There were lots of variations of a shortbread-type recipe using 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter and 3 parts flour – I added vanilla to one batch and replaced some flour with cocoa powder in batch two, but the possibilities seem endless. Mix all the ingredients, chill in the fridge, roll and cut out shapes, then cook for about 15 minutes until golden. Easy peasy!
They all got eaten, so no photos, but there will definitely be another batch of dino-fossil biscuits soon.

It’s a small world.

At my cousin’s party I was showing off my new jeans and talking about sewing, when someone on the other side of the kitchen overheard the crafty conversation. I was introduced to Vixie who blogs at Matin Lapin and had been selling super glittery creations at a craft fair earlier that day. We spent hours discussing how to store button collections (in real life and in a fantasy world), strangers talking to us about knitting in public, the blogs we both read, and other cool house-party topics. I started looking at her blog but had to stop because there were so many great links – I had to have a mini internet break so I could get on with work – but it is definitely on the top of my Google Reader reading list.

Inspiring the public.

One of the things Vixie and I were chatting about, was crafting in public and starting up conversations on public transport. So it was a bit eerie when I sat down on the bus this morning (on my way home from an early morning outdoor swim *polishes halo*), got out my crochet and immediately caught the attention of two small girls (approx 4 and 6)

4 year old: I can do knitting (mimes knitting) I’m knitting a dress for my dog
6 year old: Yeah, well I’m gonna knit a jumper.
4 year old: Well I’m gonna knit a rainbow.

A rainbow? Of course I had to do a bit of browsing for inspiration on ravelry…

Pattern by Helen Free

Rainbow Scarf With Clouds by Pam Gabriel

Sunshine and Rainbows by Melissa Mall

I’ve got a few posts lined up, when I have some sunshine to take pictures, so keep your eyes peeled for an update on my crafty crochet revolution, sewing my jeans, and a review of my new favourite book.


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