Sorbetto success!

This morning I hinted that I was working on something very exciting, and I can now reveal that I have spent the long weekend trying to perfect the Sorbetto.

FBA on the original pattern

I had already made a couple of Sorbettos last summer, but the fit never felt right. I assumed it was because I’m not used to wearing woven tops (RTW woven tops = nightmare fitting problems) but I had a niggling feeling that I should be able to move my arms.

I tried on the existing tops to work out what was good about them and what needed changing, then I made a muslin (using actual muslin for once). I did lots of pin-fitting, pinning out any weird bubbles and wrinkles, taking it in at the sides so I had a bit of a waist.

Adjusting my muslin and marking changes

As you can see above, I pinned out some baggyness in the back, then looked it up in Fit for Real People and discovered that I need a sway-back adjustment (or a normal-back-big-bum adjustment). I used the Sew Weekly sleeve pattern, but slashed and spread it to make a floatier sleeve, before making it in this purple floral poly-crepe (from Fabrics Galore last week).

Fitted Sorbetto (worn with me-made jeans)

I think the neckline was a tad too wide, causing it to keep slipping off my shoulders, so I added a tiny pleat in the centre front to pull it in, although this nearly undid the good work I did on the FBA.

There is another version 2/3 of the way to completion (I though 11pm was probably too late to use the sewing machine, but everything is pinned and ready to sew up) and a couple more fabric choices planned. I am slightly concerned that getting a comfy fit for this pattern now opens up my fabric buying options – hello pretty printed cottons!

I have made so many changes that I’m not sure if it is still a Sorbetto – how many modifications do you have to make before something stops being the original pattern and starts being a self-drafted pattern?


Crafty Resolution 2012 update

It feels like years ago, but in January I set my self a project for the year – to crochet two squares a week so by New Year’s Eve I have a full sized blanket to snuggle under. Well, due to bad time management (and too much couture sewing) I got a bit behind schedule, but I am pleased to say I am back on track.

January, February, March, April… first 40 squares.

Looking at all the squares together I think I need to make some more back-and-forth squares since most of them are crocheted in the round (although it is much easier to get the correct size when going round in circles*). I also think I have enough regular granny sqaures for now.

The square above was plain until I added a small flower motif. I definitely need to so more of these now I have two books to teach me how to make a range of flowers and butterflies.

After filling a bag with squares I thought it was probably time to start putting things together so I don’t go crazy in December. I started in the centre with some carefully chosen squares, and am now adding the rest in rounds semi-randomly. I am hoping that any future squares will look right, or if not then I can plan future crocheting accordingly.

Sewing the blanket together

I’ve just read my original post and it mentioned “using up yarn in my stash” – oops, that is one major FAIL already! Popping into a shop and buying just a couple of balls of yarn seems so much easier to justify than buying fabric on a whim. (see above picture and the bag of yarn that is bigger than when I started the project, although lots were sale bargains, honestly!)

Anyway, I am off to get some bias-binding to finish something I am super excited about 😀 Fingers crossed it will be finished to show you tonight… And fingers-crossed I wont get tempted by any yarn on my way!

*technical information – each square measures exactly “the size of my red and white polka dot box lid.” I had to throw a couple of squares into a hot washing machine to felt them down to size, but the texture is great.