A is for… (or How to Start Designing Your Own Crochet)

I crocheted a letter A, thinking I was going to applique it onto a square for my blanket. However I then remembered that the best thing about crochet is that you can crochet everything together, without the need for needles.

From A to…?

So I decided to design my own pattern to go from A to a square. Here is what I did:

1. Draw around the crocheted motif on squared or graph paper (I used a page in a French exercise book that is a cross between lines and graph paper)


2. Draw the final shape around your motif.

3. Calculate how many stitches your final row will have. I measured the line I had drawn with the crochet on the motif, and counted how many stitches filled the space between important points (and checked they all added up to the same edge length.


4. Play around with filling the blank space, using different length lines for different stitches. i drew little dashes for every stitch I knew I needed to have, changing them into specific stitches as I went along. I drew each round in a different colour.

Plan then crochet (sorry for the horrible picture)

5. Crochet your design, noting down exactly how many stitches used if different from what was planned (use your drawing as a guide, not a strict rule if it isn’t quite right).

6. Does it look right? If not, just unravel and try again, repeating steps (3) 4 and 5 until you are happy with the final result.

A is for…

Do you like the *ahem* deliberate decision to have 2 colours in the final row? I might actually make a deliberate decision to do this on a future square!


Good News, Bad News

A few days with nothing to do but lounge on the sofa in pjs, watching tv/dvds, crocheting and eating ice-cream. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Duvet + tv + crochet = perfect lazy day?

Not when it is enforced due to a horrible throat infection/tonsilitis/etc 😦 According to my GP in December, the only way to prevent getting so many bugs is to stop teaching four-year-olds! I am preferring the nhs direct advice of “go back to being a child and eat ice-creams and ice-lollies” since Mini-Milks seem to be the only thing I can consume pain-free.

I had a bad temperature and spent yesterday at home dozing on and off all morning, but by the afternoon I started feeling well enough to sit up and do some crocheting (and had seen the same episodes of The Big Bang Theory on e4 too many times!) and managed to finish a few squares I have been working on.

Scottie Dog square

My favourite! A little scottie dog wearing a bow 🙂 So cute, I’m wondering what else I can apply the design to… around the bottom edge of a cardigan?

Log Cabin square

Bow square

The bow square didn’t come out as planned. Maybe it was the choice of yarns or hook sizes, but the bow doesn’t sit properly. It is made by crocheting a strip (with some shaping around the loops), tying it into a bow, and crocheting around it and in the gaps to create a square. The picture in the book looks lovely and neat, so I’m not sure what went wrong.

All these sqaures were made from 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths – stay tuned for my thoughts on it soon and another project inspired by it.

p.s. apologies for camera phone pictures, too much effort to get the real camera out