Technology fail :(

Just a quick post to say my internet has been down all week 😦 Luckily I have internet on my phone, so I am not totally stuck in the dark ages, but it is taking some adjusting to get used to (hopefully not for too long, hurry up BT!) – socialising in the sun meant missing Neighbours but I can’t catch up online!

I have a few blog posts ready to share, including a great crochet technique tutorial, but I can’t upload photos a the moment. I think the wait will be worth it… here’s a clue – I used the new stitch to create a fluffy, white woolly animal…

Without being able to waste time online, I should be getting extra sewing done, but the sunshine means it is too nice to stay inside. I might have to take my crochet to the park.

p.s. Does anyone update wordpress from their Android phone? Are there any good apps for this (if my phone memory can cope – somehow I don’t even have enough memory to play music today)?


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