Denim Travelling Dress

After making my Summer Strawberry Shirt-Dress I knew I wanted to make at least one more everyday version – so here is my Denim Travelling Dress!

After some button-hole drama with the strawberry dress – apparently sewing a buttonhole where all the seams are pressed isn’t a good idea – I carefully positioned the buttons for ease of sewing. When I tried it on I discovered a small gape, so added a small hook and eye where the skirt and bodice join.

Speaking of buttons, here they are… They may or may not cost as much as the rest of the dress, but look how pretty and swirly they are! I thought a simple, classic dress needed some exciting buttons, and these were pretty close up but nice and simple from afar. The annoying thing about this dress is that, despite my overflowing button tin, it is hard to find 10 matching buttons.


I wore it to school on Friday for a test-wear and it did the job of feeling nicely dressed but comfortable – the shirt part says smart, but the denim says relaxed.

I wore it again on Sunday, accessorised with red, white and blue to watch the Jubilee Flotilla and managed to get my big bro (and reader of my blog!) to take some action shots of flag waving. He did need a bit of artistic direction (I need a photo of the pockets!) but he did a good first job.

It worked well for a day out – pretty crease-free after a day walking and sitting in the rain, and it kept me fairly warm considering the horrendous weather.


I got home exhausted, but not too tired for some patriotic crochet for my blanket.

While I’m all patriotic, here is a picture of Monday night in my local park…

Fireworks and Jubilee beacon at Buckingham Palace


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