Knitting in the sunshine

The weather has been nice and I have been escaping to my outdoor area* for my lunch breaks amongst some lovely flowers, so here are some pictures (can you tell I am loving discovering picmonkey?!)

This is the start of a Miette cardigan, using some turquoise cotton blend yarn I got at the weekend.

I’m not much of a gardener and never know what to do the flower beds in the garden during winter, as I know all these lovely flowers are hiding away and waiting for summer.

All the pictures were taken on my htc desire, using regular the camera or the Lomo Camera app (using the dream effect to get some random shades of colours)

I spent ages exploring picmonkey using loads of settings and tools, so I can’t really tell you how I edited these images – I kept clicking until I liked what I could see!

*I teach Reception (4-5yr olds) and we have to have outdoor provision available, so as well as the playground where everyone runs around I also have an outdoor classroom. In winter it is a pain, but on days like today there is nothing better than being paid to sit in the sunshine, splashing in a water tray full of lovely cold water 🙂


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