Twit-twoo, a gift for who…?

I have been working on a little gift for someone, and just as I was wrapping it up I remembered to take photos of it, so here is a sneak peek (since I don’t think the recipient even knows I have a blog)

It is an embroidered door sign for a teacher friend who is getting married (with her new name) since her school mascot is an owl. I used the Owlbert pattern from Sublime Stitching, adding my own details as I went along.

Most of it is done in running stitch, back stitch and chain stitch, but I did get a book out of the library to learn remind me of some other stitches, such as feather stitch and leaf stitch.

I finally got the hang of French knots after reading the fool-proof instructions on the website, and I had plenty of practice by the time I finished the whole piece.

I’ve definitely got the embroidery bug now – its just like colouring in with thread! I’m looking around to see what else I can add embroidery to…


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