Beautiful buttons

At the weekend I decided I needed an easy, relaxing and quick project to de-stress after a hectic week (parents evening meant there was only 20 minutes difference between my signing in and out times on one day!) and what better de-stress than playing with my button tin 🙂

I “popped” to IKEA to buy a deep box frame, and set to work sewing meticulously sorted buttons to make some art for my living room.

I arranged my favourite buttons in rainbow order, carefully choosing buttons so that the colours would gradually change and trying to include a variety of shapes and styles.

I sewed all the buttons onto a piece of cotton, in the shape of a spiral, starting with red and finishing with black, to end up with…

A swirly spiral button rainbow!

If you have a button collection (who doesn’t?!) what do you do with them? Do you use the buttons or save them for never? Are they on display or in a dusty old box? Do any of your buttons have special memories or sentimental value?

The bright pink gem button was part of a random lucky bag of buttons I got as a souvenir from Mood, New York, and the penguin was a gift that I’ve never managed to find a use for.


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