Holidays = crafting time!

Today is the first day of the summer holidays and the longest possible time until more work 😀 (I am in the countryside for a wedding this weekend, so hopefully this should appear by magic!)

The holidays means I should finally get to spend some quality time with my sewing machine, so here are a few sneak peaks of some un-blogged, planned and in-progress projects. Can you tell what they are?







Any ideas?
1. Is my Miette cardigan. I am currently on the first sleeve, and hopefully train journeys this weekend (including a bargain first class ticket last night) will help me make more progress.
2. Some cushions on sale in IKEA. I am inspired by some crochet cushions I have seen in the blogosphere.
3. Still working on my Crafty Resolution…
4. Jeanius jeans, pair #2, in progress for a month or so, as I forgot how to insert the fly and Firefox has stopped letting me watch videos (I have updated flash etc but had to download Chrome instead)
5. A fabulously easy knitting bag I rustled up from scraps a couple of weeks ago. Might have a tutorial/pattern tips coming soon.
6. Experimenting with shrink plastic… This would be turned into a necklace if I were allowed to purchase craft resources and get a chain!


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