Work in progress: Birthday Butterflies

As much as I loved the amazing weather yesterday (feeling hot sitting on the “beach” at 9am was lovely) I am rather pleased the sky is looking a bit overcast today as it means I can actually get on and do something!

My plans for today include, in no particular order:

  • paying in a check from school to reimburse me for a shopping trip months ago.
  • going to the market to get some nice fresh fruit and veg. The market is actually on the way to the supermarket, but is only open during school hours.
  • browsing the sales. I have stood at the bus stop a few times this week after hours (or in yesterday’s case, before hours) and looked through a shoe shop window. I hate shoes, but they looked like there were some good sandals on sale (although they will probably be in the wrong size for me)
  • baking some Olympic themed snacks for a gathering tonight. Then crocheting some more squares for my blanket while watching the opening ceremony.
  • Making this… I’ve spend breakfast with my sketch book and french curves, to adapt a trusty pattern and am ready to chop up this stunning fabric I bought last time the weather was nice (that was the Easter holidays) and forgot about while the weather was cold and gloomy.
  • reliving my childhood on youtube. An online discussion about Neighbours (potential spoilers) has led me down a long path of link-clicking, featuring some classic videos of Byker Grove and PJ and Duncan. Psyche!

That is quite a lot for a day, better get started. Do you have any exciting plans for today or the weekend?


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