Adding to my stash :-)

Last month I had a self-imposed craft-shopping-ban (inspired by over-indulging in the sales), but luckily it ended with my birthday! I got some lovely crafty items for my birthday, and have also picked up a few things myself in the past week or so.

1. Cath Kidston goodies – napkins, pins and tape measure – as a leaving/birthday present from my friend G
2. Knitting stitch markers handmade by my step-mum for my birthday
3. Knitting row counter that makes the most satisfying click noise

1. Threads magazine subscription from my parents for my birthday
2. Doodle Stitching book from my parents for my birthday
3. Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches – book that use to belong to my mum
4. DK Stitch Dictionary – found by me in a bargain book shop

1. Embroidery hoop from my parents for my birthday
2. Battenburg buttons from my friend N for my birthday
3. Embroidery thread and
4. Purple embroidery scissors from my parents for my birthday

Some yummy yarn I bought at an independent yarn shop near my parents.

And last but not least, I got a parcel from Kristen who blogs at quiet and small: adventures in p.hd-land! A few weeks ago she had a clear-out and offered a stash of patterns and fabrics to whoever could make use of them, and she very generously was willing to send some all the way across the sea to London.

She sent me a long length of this fabric printed with iconic American buildings and a little bit of sparkle – I am thinking it will be used for a skirt that looks sensible from a distance and fun close-up!
She also sent some lovely pale aqua quilting cotton (from the famous US store JoAnn that I read so much about!) and some matching bias binding as a surprise! I am working on something to send as a little thank you…


5 thoughts on “Adding to my stash :-)

  1. Ooooh I’m so jealous! I never have enough money to buy all of the craft goodies that I see so I have to choose very carefully! Hopefully once the Christmas overtime picks up I’ll have a little extra in the budget to splurge…

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