Magic moments

I went to a bbq this evening and the invite said “bring meat.” Hmm.. knowing that some people marinade their meat for days, I didn’t think I had much to contribute there so I made some Melting Moments from the Aussie women’s weekly biscuit book. Things didn’t go totally to plan and my piping bag sprung a leak (the set is only a couple of years old and wishes me a lifetime of happy baking, so I’m wondering if I can send it back) so some didn’t look that pretty. The recipe has a lemon filling, but I had some raspberries that needed eating so made classic vanilla buttercream. It turns out the raspberries needed eating yesterday so I had to buy more en route and assemble them on site, so this picture is of them after the plate had been attacked.


They were even yummier than I expected, and straight forward to make (until the piping bag disaster) so definitely a new summer favourite. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I am flogging this from the bus stop. I have my completed Miette cardigan in my bag, but I’m worried it will smell like bbq and chimnea smoke if I put it on, so I’m hoping the bus comes soon!


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