Busy busy busy

I’ve had lots of blog posts planned but not been able to do them because a) I am waiting for some decent weather so I can grab a photo of my cardigan and b) I have been busy busy sewing.

In the past 2 days I have designed, drafted and sewn three pairs of trousers, two skirts, five tops and a dress! “Woah, that is a lot of stuff Alison, you must be super-amazing to do all that!” I hear you cry, but I suppose I should clarify – they are not for me, they are for the baby dolls in my classroom…

They were all so quick and easy to make, with no complicated fitting issues. The only dilemma was what size buttons 4-year-olds can use (or practise using). Most of the clothes are made from IKEA fabric or scraps from my stash (being careful that the dolls wont have the same clothes as me, that would be embarassing!)My favourite is this lovely green dress! I had a teeny zipper in my stash, which was perfect for this. Somehow most of the dolls we have are boys (which the children find hilarious) but in the name of equality they can have dresses can’t they? I really want to make some more!Time for bed now. I made a little mattress, pillow and duvet for the cot I found packed away with all the nativity props. I quilted the duvet as I know the children in my class like hiding stuff away. In my class, if you can’t find the play food/forks/pencils it will always be hidden in a handbag!

I’ve been organising my sewing stuff this evening so hopefully at the weekend it will be back to making slightly larger dresses and skirts.