Cute cupcakes for a princess party

On Sunday I went to visit Vixie to watch lots of Disney films with Georgia and Yoyo the cat.

I got the grand tour of her studio which was FULL of all sorts of lovely crafty goodness. Remember my organisation of my sewing supplies– well Vixie has four of these units, and that is not even her main type of storage. I suppose she is making crafting a full-time business so she is allowed to have more than me, but I was still very envious!

She has a thorough breakdown of the day’s fun on her blog, but I thought I should share the goodies I made…

The purple cupcakes are classic vanilla* sponge, with pink buttercream, sprinkles and fondant butterflies. The pink cakes had fresh raspberries mixed in the sponge and were topped with buttercream, pink sugar and handmade fondant roses. This was my first attempt at making these roses (I’ve never had such a girly day to cater for before!) but I was really happy with how they turned out.

* Yesterday I listened to a really interesting programme about vanilla on Radio 4. Did you know that vanilla flowers are so tiny, only one or two types of bee are able to pollinate them? The farmer interviewed had to pollinate each flower by hand, which goes some way to explain why vanilla is the second most expensive spice.


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