Finished Embroidery!

The other day I gave you a sneaky peek of my embroidery summer project. Well here is the finished article, just in time for the last day of my summer holidays…It is a little bag for holding all my crafting bits and bobs and is currently looking after my embroidery hoop. I based it on this pattern that I found ages ago – a square base (purple swirly flower and nature decorations) and four triangular sides (lovebirds and animals) sewn together with a ribbon draw-string.The individual designs were from the fab Doodle Stitching book, and I arranged the pdfs on my computer using a very old version of Corel Draw. I had measured my fabric to get the size of the sections allowing for seam allowances, so I could get the size and layout perfect, however I didn’t allow for fraying of the fabric and ended up with one squished seam. Other than that I am really pleased with how it turned out. And I managed to pace my self through a long project 🙂

I think my next embroidery project will be trying to make some super-cool video-game themed picture/card for my “little” cousin’s 16th birthday. I call him little but he is officially taller than me now and pleased about that!

If you have the embroidery bug, Sublime Stitching currently has a half-price pattern sale (until midnight Monday US PST) – I downloaded a couple of patterns for the equivalent of about £1.10 each! Bargain!


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