Off-line adventures

I have lots to blog about but have been too busy with a real non-crafting offline life! What a pain! There will be a couple more posts over the weekend full of crochet, embroidery and maybe some sewing (I don’t go back to school until Tuesday so today feels like Saturday not Sunday in my head), but until then here are some snaps of my recent adventures…

On Friday I went on a touristy day out at Buckingham Palace with my friend N. We started at the Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy exhibit (very interesting but intense), had lunch outside the palace while a marching band went past, then had a tour of the Palace. As you can see from the flag Her Majesty was at home, and we got to see the secret door disguised as a sideboard that swings open (just like batman) so she can access her private rooms. The tour included an exhibition to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee featuring LOTS of diamonds (so sparkly and pretty). We finished with afternoon tea (I had a vanilla cheesecake) and a stroll through the grounds.

Yesterday my big brother came round and sorted my wireless router (I can now read blogs and catch up on iPlayer from my bed!) and then we went for a walk to find some Olympic and Paralympic mascots. Despite it being five minutes from my flat I have never been to the Channel 4 building before with the logo currently turned into a Paralympic sculpture. We did the most of the red trail going backwards (we had already seen the mascots near the London Eye) and a few of the pink trail before my feet gave up (I was wearing new shoes). I liked the A-Z Wenlock (the map shows where my flat is!), Doctor Wenlock and the detail on Lambeth Palace Mandeville. Which is your favourite?

Finally, I spent the late afternoon/evening with some crafty friends at The Haberdashery cafe in Crouch End. There was a cute little craft fair in the garden with some lovely prints and jewellery and we then sat on the pavement eating and drinking all sorts of yummy goodies. The cafe has such cute decorations, with a quirky and crafty feel, and even the cakes are displayed on a vintage sewing machine table!

I’m going to pop out to pick up a couple of zips and then plan to settle down to a day of crafting (I’ll leave the school prep until tomorrow!). Have you got any crafty weekend plans?

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