200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell – block #1

I am sort-of joining in with Rachell’s Crochet Along (CAL) which started at the weekend. I say sort of because she has a theme (Cottage Garden) for everyone to take inspiration from, but I am ignoring it because I am half-way through a mega blanket and there are only so many you can have.

Well here is block number 1 from 200 Crochet Blocks…

Hannah started her CAL before me and I saw on her blog she had got into a muddle with US vs UK crochet terms. So before I started, I sat down and looked at the how-to instructions at the back of the book to check what this book meant by double crochet. I did four or five rows and things weren’t quite right. Hmm… it looked a bit like Hannah’s first attempt. I went back to the instructions and realised I’d made the same mistake, despite my checking!

I found this great little conversion chart on By Number 19’s blog (I’m adding it to my reader as it looks like Birgit has lots of good tutorials and patterns).
I’m going to print it out and use it as a bookmark., and stick some sort of sticker on the front of my crochet books so I remember which is which (I still don’t know what I call the stitches I do!).

Back to work tomorrow after the long summer, which means back to commuting! Hooray, because commuting time = crochet time so I should get block 2 done pretty soon.


One thought on “200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell – block #1

  1. Ooh what a handy little chart! And your square looks lovely! Like you, I was in the middle of a throw when the CAL started so I wanted to continue in my chosen colour scheme. Luckily, I think that ‘cottage garden’ pretty much includes any colour! I love your colour choices! I’ll be attempting squares two and three today…and hopefully I will only have to make them once!

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