A/W 2012 Sewing Plans

I’ve been a bit quiet around here due to being back to school and totally exhausted, and a busy weekend in which the only time I was home involved sleeping or napping! I have lots on my to-sew-list when I have the energy to trace some sewing patterns. Yup, you read that right – I’m going to try some new patterns instead of reinventing my tatty tried-and-tested ones.

The two Burda designs come from August and September issues of Burda Style (I’m not sure which is which without getting up and looking) and the Ohhh Lulu pattern was recommended by Gertie during the summer. The fabric colours and designs are some of what are lurking in my stash – I have lots of different black and white jersey prints which I really want to mix-and-match. I don’t have lace in my stash, but I’d really like to have a go at adding some to a simple top – I am imagining a black top with black lace collar or something subtle like that…

I have some calico ready to make a muslin of the Minoru jacket at the weekend, but I am already thinking ahead to fashion fabrics. I already own a purple coat and a red and white dotty coat, so I think blue would be a practical make but that is as much as I have decided.My decision will depend on whether I want my jacket to be water-resistant or not (it has a hood so I am leaning towards yes) and whether fun prints exist in these types of fabrics. I also need to decide how warm I want the jacket to be – do I underline the fashion fabric with some wool for warmth? Should I make a big feature of the zip? I know I definitely want a fun silky lining! Too many decisions! I will definitely be spending the weekend reading all Tasia’s sew-along posts.

Does anyone have any jacket-sewing tips?

p.s. I never knew I used my little finger so much when I type, but am realising just how much after trapping my finger in a door at school (how many times have I told kids not to play with the door?!) It was too sore to knit on my journey home but I am hoping it will calm down and not affect my sewing (it does look better now I have removed my purple nail varnish!)


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