CAL and Crafty Resolution: BREAKING NEWS

Attention loyal readers. I must interrupt your blog reading for an important announcement. It is so important I have switched my computer on to write a blog post after a day at work, so I hope you are ready on the edge of your seat…

A historical square has been crocheted today. It may not look like much, but this square…

…is my 100th blanket square!It is a Primrose Square (block #31 from the CAL) and works well in my pink and purple colour scheme. I have really enjoyed the last few blocks so here are some of my favourites. Clockwise from top left: Bobble Stripes (#29), Poppy (my own design on Remembrance Sunday), Shell Lace (#30) and Christmas Rose (#28).

If you have memorised my previous posts and can count, you will realise that I still have 20 blocks to go* before I get to the 120 needed for my snuggly double blanket. Yup, I am still a bit behind and have a lot of work to do before December 31st, but I have just got my first Love Film DVD** in the post today for watching while I crochet. And if that fails there is always commuting – it took over an hour today for my 30 minute journey due to people under trains and ill on trains, but that extra 30 minutes allowed me to do a whole square!

*Since there are only 20 blocks to go, I am going to skip a few of the blocks in the book/CAL. When I started the blanket I was mainly doing holey granny squares but since the CAL began I have been making more solid blocks. They are nice, but if I do too many more then the balance of the blanket might look weird. (and they take so much longer and aren’t as fun as the lacy designs!) I will do some but I want to make sure my last 20 blocks include some new skills and designs, and not just lots of double crochet. With that in mind, tomorrow I will be jumping past #32 and #33 straight to #34 – more bobbles!

** I have been considering doing a month free trial for ages, but I finally signed up so I could get Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 to catch up on before seeing the last film! My weekends are officially wasted now!


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