Christmas Baking

Since most of my current craft projects are top-secret at the moment, I thought I would share some festive baking I have been doing today (with decorating entertainment courtesy of the awesome film Elf). I’m going to take most of them into work tomorrow, but I will save a few for a festive fun day-off on Tuesday.Baking

The recipe is my tried-and-tested gingerbread recipe, with a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon added for extra winter-warming. I tried to make reindeer biscuits, but the legs and antlers didn’t make the journey to the baking tray. Disappointing since I spent earlier in the afternoon sorting packets of Smarties to find the red ones (and an interesting lesson in random probability – some packets contained only 2 red sweets, others contained 8). I suppose they might not have got on with the penguins.

Christmas biscuits

I still have lots of knitting and sewing to do (I decided one of the things I made wasn’t up-to-scratch when I put the elements together, so I am re-making another version). How are your festive plans going?


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