Suitcase Statistics

As soon as school finishes on Friday I am catching a train to see my family so tonight I started packing my suitcase (leaving tomorrow evening to pack the all important crafts to do on my break!)


While packing I thought I would work out exactly how much of my wardrobe is now me-made and have analysed the clothes I am taking away with me for a week. Since I have to carry presents and enough crochet to last a week I can only pack what I know I will wear, so this should be a realistic approximation of the proportion of me-mades I actually wear in my wardrobe!


The contents of my suitcase


My me-made clothes by type

These charts don’t really surprise me. I know I make a lot of jersey tops because I wear a lot of them! I used to have lots of me-made dresses but for a cold winter I need to pack my cosy knitted dresses (unfortunately my knitting isn’t quite up to that!) but I am surprised I have so many me-made cosy jumpers to wear (both recent makes this autumn).

So, how much of my winter wardrobe is me-made?


My winter wardrobe (including underwear)

Considering it is so much easier to sew floaty light summer dresses and I have packed for a week of cold weather (with festive jumpers), I think 48% is a pretty good result. If you only count the clothes people can see me wear it turns into 63% of my wardrobe as me-made! How realistic is it to have a 100% handmade wardrobe? How much of your wardrobes are made by you?

After all that statistical excitement I am going to slip into my me-made pjs and get some sleep as we have our class Christmas party tomorrow – 25 hyper 4-year-olds meeting Santa means I need plenty of sleep!


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