Crafty chats

Conversation in the pub after work on Friday was all about school politics and debriefing the dramas of the week.
J: We need to stop talking about school. Has anyone got any news?
Someone mentioned the cinema, but then talk turned back to work for ten or fifteen minutes.
J: We need to stop talking about school. What else is going on?
Conversation changed to someone’s friend visiting, but turned back to school chit-chat. This happened a couple more times.
J: Doesn’t anyone have anything else to talk about?! No exciting news?
Me: Oooh, I’ve been using my new rotary cutter this week! I’ve been cutting all my scraps so quickly and easily *miming fast rotary cutting*
I was met with blank stares, as I tried to explain what a rotary cutter is and why it was so amazing to use.

rotary cutter

I’m really hoping someone who reads this appreciates that this is exciting news… I didn’t realise how great a rotary cutter would be – no measuring or marking, just aligning my patchwork ruler and *swoosh* fabric is cut.