Patchwork in Purple (of course)


I have spent the past week sitting and playing with all the fabric scraps and samples I got last week and looking for inspiration on line (click on the pictures for links to the quilts and blocks).

SewMamaSew Quick Piece Tiny Squares

SewMamaSew Simple Triangle Block

Oh, Fransson Nine Patch Lattice

Oh, Fransson Improv Block

Due to the totally random assortment of fabrics I had, I didn’t think anything too structured would work. Plus it would involve too much planning and arranging, more than my brain can handle after teaching children on windy, rainy days. So I decided to have a go at the disappearing nine patch blocks.

Disappearing Nine Patch

After lots of working out measurements and counting, I eventually decided to take the smallest piece of fabric and work out the size of the square that would fit using my patchwork ruler. I cut out almost 60 squares, joined them together, cut them up again and re-joined them, and added some strips to make a border until I ended up with this…


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