Finished Quilting

Here is my finished little (I think it is too small to be a lap-quilt) quilt decorating my little sofa. It is actually the perfect size to drape over the back of my sofa, and of course the colours match my colour scheme perfectly.

first quilt

I bought some Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Batting* for the quilt, based on a recommendation from a friend’s mum who is quilting-obsessed (apparently it took her 3 seconds to reply with her recommendation so I knew it would be good). It was much thinner than I was expecting but quilted really nicely using my regular machine stitches and feet after I had liberally pinned all the layers together. The back isn’t as perfect as I’d like, but I think the quilt will spend most of its life on the sofa so nobody will know!

I only used half of a crib-sized piece of batting and so have a similar sized piece left (and a big bag of remnants and off-cuts) – how many lap quilts do I need?! (I don’t think my quilting is good enough to give away yet) I hand-stitched the binding around the quilt and it took ages to do, so I may wait a little bit until I quilt a full-sized quilt!

Yup, that is also a new cushion cover, made from two of the silk Liberty samples I got a few weeks ago – pink on one side and cream on the other.



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