Creative changes


For those who read my blog in their Google Reader(or similar app) or aren’t as eagle-eyed as others, this blog has had a little make-over! Yesterday I wasn’t just lounging around in my pjs and surfing the net all day*, I was actually deciding on a new look for my little part of the internet.

New Blog

I figured it was time I updated the design and banner to reflect my more recent projects (not my pre-blogging days). In the summer I got some cards for my blog, since the name is too long for people to remember, and so have created a banner to match. The layout is the same, but the colour scheme matches more of my makes and hopefully looks a bit fresher ready (hopefully) for spring. What do you think?

*This also is delaying tactics as, after lots of muslin fitting, I’m still not feeling brave enough to cut up my silk prints.



Retro Recipe #3 – Scone Base Pizza



retro recipes

I thought it was time for another Retro Recipe but couldn’t think of a good enough excuse for cake so flicked through my Grandma’s binder looking for something savoury. Most of the recipes she collected were cakes and puddings and sweets (is that where I get my sweet tooth from?) and I was about to give up when I found this…



I made this exactly as written, although with a little less cheese (3oz looked like plenty to me). It was a very simple recipe (only used a bowl, a chopping board, a frying pan and a baking tray so simple washing up too) so there is not much for me to add.

pizza dough

The most time-consuming prep was frying the onions.



I went for classic “Herbs de Provence” and salt and black pepper for seasoning.



I did change the recipe slightly and added the end of a jar of red pesto to half of the base before adding the toppings.



Cooked at 190ºC fan oven for approx 20 minutes.



Due to all the moisture from the onions I couldn’t tell if the scone base was done, but turning it over revealed a well cooked bottom.

crispy bottom


dinner time

This was really quick and simple to make, and used ingredients I had already in the house. I kept the recipe simple with cheese, onion and tomato but I think it would work well with a variety of other toppings (or flavoured scone bases) or maybe as mini-pizzas. The half with pesto had a bit more flavour, but both sides were pretty yummy and satisfying straight from the oven. I will try and remember this when I have no food in the fridge and need a quick supper – why don’t you try it for Sunday afternoon teatime?