One of my new year sewlutions was to make less but make what I make much better, so I’m going to have to plan my makes a bit more.

I got my Cambie dress pattern in the post last week and have searched my stash for suitable fabrics. It seems my stash is not as extensive as I thought it was – lots of fancy-dress/toy/home-decor fabrics but not much dress-making fabric.


The only suitable things I could find were (clockwise from top)
1. some black poly-something bought when I was first trying to make trousers. Is a black summer-dress too dreary? I could add a pop of colourful piping to the waist and neckline… would that be more fun?
2. Some black and pink floral IKEA fabric. I think it might be a bit too heavy for the gathers on the sleeves and skirt, but I might pre-wash a bit and see what happens. (yup, my new sewing attitude includes pre-washing fabric occasionally now!)
3. A shiny dotted turquoise fabric with a bit of stretch, bought ages ago from Fabrics Galore. I am tempted to make an everyday version before using this fabric as this is a bit too shiny for wearing to work. Or could I use the reverse and just have shiny dots?

Since my stash is so small it is a good job Karen has introduced me to Stone Fabrics (I am so tempted to join the swatch club!) Here are some potential fabrics – click on the pictures for links):

Fabrics Galore: Poplin pinstripes

Fabrics Galore: Cotton linen-look spots

Stone Fabrics: 1940′s floral Liberty archival printed Cotton Tana Lawn

Stone Fabrics: Irregular trellis printed Cotton Lawn

Fabrics Galore: Cotton tiny stars

Stone Fabrics: Batik flower bubble cotton

Stone Fabrics: Bunny Rabbit Printed traditional Japanese Cotton

Fabrics Galore: Cotton Lawn

Stone Fabrics: Kaffe Fasset printed cotton

Stone Fabrics: Spiral Printed traditional Japanese Cotton

Stone Fabrics: Italian fine cotton lawn

Fabrics Galore: Liberty Lifestyle Woolf cotton

So what do you think? Simple polka dots, classic flowers, or quirky bunnies? Too much choice!

Another project I want to tackle is to make a nice spring/summer jacket.

BurdaStyle 02/2013 #106

First I saw this pattern in last month’s Burda – the cover girl was wearing it with jeans and a simple top and looked effortlessly cool. Or should I make a more traditional blazer-style, like the jacket in this month’s Burda?

Burda Style 03/2013 #102

And the potential fabrics…

Stone Fabrics: Wool/Acrylic Bouclé Knit

Stone Fabrics: Laurent Garigue Turquoise Blue Cotton Bouclé

Stone Fabrics: Linen and cotton medium weight denim

Stone Fabrics: ‘Gudrun’ heavy linen

Simple navy to go with everything or bright summer turquoise? Decisions, decisions. Help me decide!


7 thoughts on “Planning

  1. I love that Burda jacket with jeans and a top too. I want to make a version of it too. I think if you add in the collar and whatnot of the 2nd jacket is would look more staid and business like. I vote for the first one =) I also think the shiny blue dress would rock no matter where you wear it! The color looks very tropical and fun. Those are my votes! PS have you sewn with sewaholic patterns before? Do you like them? This is the first time I’ve heard of them.

  2. i’m all about the planning – i really struggle to get anything made if i don’t have a clear plan!

    i love the ikea floral if it’s not too heavyweight once washed. otheriwse the liberty 1940s floral on the top row – i think the cambie needs a good print!

    i love the blazer (i’m not a huge fan of collarless jackets personally) and the turquoise boucle is a stunning colour!

    that’s my 2p worth!

    • Thanks for your 2p worth! I have pre-washed the ikea floral and it seems soft enough now for the a-line version so I’m going to use that as my first try.

      I’m ordering a swatch of the turquoise boucle…

  3. ooh, loving the bunny fabric, and the batik bubble flower one next to it – both would make awesome dresses.

    and that dress pattern looks super cute – I might have to make my own dress and we can be matching 😀

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