WIP: Basic Bella Cardigan

basic bella 02

After all the woolly goodness at Wool House on Sunday I was inspired to curl up with my knitting, even though my current project isn’t wool (it is actually Debbie Bliss Bella – a lovely cotton, cashmere and silk blend that glides wonderfully on my stainless steel needles).basic bella 03

I have been working on this cardigan (Basic Black pattern from Ravelry) since August (when I showed you my tension swatch) but had to take a few crochet and Christmas crafting breaks. This is now my commuting project and a few rows everyday for a couple of months has led to some significant progress.

basic bella 01

I have now finished all of the body and am working on knitting both sleeves. Yup, both at the same time. I was worried I would forget what I was doing, so I have joined both sleeves with stitch-markers and used another stitch marker to remind me when to switch balls of yarn.


basic bella 04



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