The latest knitting must-haves!


Yup, some anti-inflammatory gel and a support bandage. I have an inflamed tendon in my thumb caused by… knitting. I’ve got a case of RSI from lots of repetitive knitting, and worsened by being back at school giving kids encouraging thumbs-ups!

It is so hard to rest my hand and manage without, so today I have strapped it up in the hope it will stop me moving it. Opposable thumbs are used more than I realised!

In the meantime I’m getting my crafting fix from reading old issues of Threads for jacket tips, and tweeting about the Great British Sewing Bee (I’m @crafty_alibobs)


5 thoughts on “The latest knitting must-haves!

  1. Thanks for the good wishes. It’s much better than yesterday after being strapped up at school all day, so hopefully be knitting again in a few weeks…

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