Spotty Tiramisu

Last week, in the days heading up to The Big Blog Meet Up, I got chatting to some sewcialists (sewist + social) on twitter and got convinced that I needed to get a new pattern – Steph C’s Tiramisu dress. I haven’t made a jersey dress for ages (years?) so it was a good job we were off to do some fabric shopping.

tira 1

It is a mock wrap top with a half-circle skirt, but the thing that makes it a bit more special is the sizing. You choose the bodice based on your high-bust measurement and then choose the cup-size, so you don’t get any indecent gaping. Also, the waistband is only half-drawn; you join the dots between your bodice and waist size to get a perfect fit! Genius!

I made the 40D (D is the largest cup size and they are not based on bra sizes) bodice and the fit was pretty good without a FBA. The pattern has points indicated for fitting as you sew, which would be so helpful for beginner sewists. There is also lots of help and advice online and one of the things mentioned was that the jersey will pull with the weight of the skirt, so when fitting the bodice I didn’t worry too much. With the skirt added, the bodice didn’t pull down quite enough so on the next version I will add have added a couple of inches to the bodice (and removed this from the waist band).

tira 2

Yup, there will definitely be more of this pattern to come. I wore it to work and got lots of compliments (maybe fished for as I swished my skirt!). As soon as I put the finished dress on I swished and twirled around – how have I never had a (half)circle skirt before?! I really love the shape of the half-circle skirt -smooth round the waist with a lovely amount of drape and fullness – so I may have to try a woven circle skirt before the summer.

tira 3




11 thoughts on “Spotty Tiramisu

    • I got 2.5m and may just have enough left to make a vest-top/sleeveless t-shirt.
      Another blogger was getting the same fabric, so I couldn’t resist copying 🙂

  1. Your Tiramisu looks amazing! I haven’t tried this pattern myself yet, but am doing a bit of window/screen shopping first, and your version is lovely!

  2. I am so happy you talked about all the adjustment selections, I have been reading about this pattern in different blogs and you are the first to really describe the pattern
    Which I really appreciate, so I will now purchase it.. I was afraid I would have problems with the dress as I am small breasted and mature hips…you are a wonderful sales person. Many thanks

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