Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about my spotty Tiramisu dress 🙂 If you liked that dress then you are in for a treat tomorrow when Me Made May ’13 starts! I have a new make ready to wear for the first time tomorrow…

I spent lots Sunday sewing and watching a Toy Story marathon (the 4 year olds in my class are singing “You’ve got a friend in me” for our assembly this week, with cute “best friend” photos on the screen behind them, so of course I had to research!). I made a dress and realised that, unless I want to spend the whole month of May doing laundry, then I’d need a few more pairs of underpants. Daddy and big brother, I know I pester you to read my blog, but you have permission to stop reading this now!

pants! 1

I used the Ohhh Lulu pattern for retro high-waisted panties (Gertie’s recommendation I think), with a few modifications. I don’t like teeny tiny pants but these were seriously high waisted! I made two variations; the first was 2″ shorter than the pattern and are belly button height, and the second version were 2″ shorter than that!pants! 4

The original pattern also had 4 panels, however I combined the sides and back to reduce the seams. I like the look of the front panel contrasting with the back/sides, and it was a great way to mix and match scraps. I used up almost all of my jersey off-cuts and even refashioned some old tshirts (one that was made from a £3 remnant when I first learnt how to sew 3 years ago, bargain!)pants! 3

Now I’m sorted with Me Made undergarments, I need to rustle up some spring-weight trousers or spend the next month at work in just skirts and dresses.


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