Giveaway results!

WOW! I can’t believe the response my little spur-of-the-moment giveaway got!

It was really interesting reading what colours everyone is into (and trying to guess what hemisphere the colour choices were from!) and there were a few choices that kept appearing.

There were over 35 different favourite colours, so I took all the colours that more than one person liked and analysed the results:


Green was the most popular with 45 mentions, followed closely by aqua with 43 mentions. I was really suprised to see so much love for grey – I love it as a neutral to pair with bright colours, but thought I was the only one. Next up are pink and purple. Should I be surprised readers of my blog also like these colours?!

There were also lots of colour combinations that kept re-occuring. For simplicity of data analysis I only used pairs of colours for this, so people who mentioned 3 colours got divided into multiple pairs (red, blue and yellow became red +blue, blue + yellow and yellow+red). Unsurprisingly given the high popularity of the colours, the most popular combination was green and purple.

colour combos

A surprise second place was aqua and red; I love both these colours but have never combined them before so will give it a try. Hopefully these colour combinations will inspire you too!

Oh, did you want to know the winner of the crafty goodies? Are you sure? Okay then…

winnerComment 132 was jillamsberry who has just blogged a cute coral top with black and white stripy details. Please email me your postal address and I’ll pop your goodies in the post.


Thanks to everyone for entering and visiting my little blog – hope you stop by again soon!


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