Stripy Tiramisu


Today I wore my stripy Tiramisu as I needed a feel-good outfit for a busy day. Everything went well and I got home in the sunshine ready to take some pictures of my new dress.

The fabric was an impulse purchase from John Lewis, so more expensive than the jersey i normally buy but great quality. I lengthened the bodice and shortened the waistband slightly to improve the fit, but the first time I wore it I realised it gaped a bit. So obviously I sat at work sewing the crossover together as I was wearing it (worryingly nobody batted an eyelid!).

The stripes were a little more time-consuming on this make, so I had to redo the front and back centre seams a couple of times to get them perfect. It turns out stripes on the bias need more pins than normal seams!

I couldn’t resist an action shot of some twirling.


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